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Founded in 1958, the Research and Production Joint-Stock Company "Faza" is the center of development and manufacture of quality modern articles. It has more than forty-year experience in the field of electronics.

The firm is equipped with the modern equipment permitting to manufacture products of electronics of the maximum degree of complexity. Such products reflect the level of the best world achievements and some of the devices surpass them.

The basic kinds of released production:


Isolators and circulators in various fulfilment (microstrip, "Drop-In", coaxial, wave guide), in frequency band from 300 MHz to 140 GHz.


Magnetrons, amplitrons, stabilotrons of continuous and pulse operating of various power (up to several megawatt). Powerfull ferrite circulator for accelerators of varios purpose. Amplifying devices of M-type (amplitrons), Amplifying and generating klystrons with a high factor of amplification and small amplitude and phase noises for different communications systems and radar stations.


Solid-state pulse amplifiers.

Passive microwave components

Directional couplers, power dividers (2-way, 3-way, 4-way and 8-way), Butler matrix (4x4, 8x8), Hybrid couplers 3 dB 90° & 180°, dual directional power dividers 20, 30, 40 dB for broadcasting stations in frequency band from 1 GHz to 18 GHz.

СВЧ фильтры на магнитостатических спиновых волнах

Полосно-пропускающие и полосно-заграждающие фильтры с электрической и механической перестройкой АЧХ, в диапазоне частот от 1 ГГц до 20 ГГц. Конструктивно фильтры могут быть выполнены как с микрополосковыми, так и с коаксиальными входом и выходом.

Ultrasonic surgical device "LORA-DON-3"

The production of the enterprise is being delivered to all the locales of Russia and the CIS countries. A number of articles are being exported abroad.

We invite any interested Russian and foreign corporations and firms to cooperation. Our employees will be happy to put all the potential of their knowledge and competence at your disposal and show themselves as reliable partners.

By the inquiry of a customer any elaboration and production of articles of electronics as well as their retrofit are possible.


Our adress:




9/7g Belorousskaya st., Rostov-on-Don, 344065, Russia

(863) 252-31-25

(863) 254-09-90

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