Passive microwave components

Coaxial adapters

  • low VSWR
  • low insertion loss
Model Frequency range,
Insertion loss, dB VSWR
< 8 GHz 8—18 GHz 18—23 GHz < 18 GHz 18—23 GHz
ПКУ-90230. (typical is 1.15)1.35 (typical is 1.25)


Type of connectors by GOST 13317-89

Type IX FemaleType IX Female

Type IX Subtype 1 Female          
Type IX Subtype 2 Female (SMA)

Type IX MaleType IX Male

Type IX Subtype 1 Male          
Type IX Subtype 2 Male (SMA)


Sizes and dimensions

Model Image # A, mm B, mm C, mm D, mm

Image 1

Coaxial adapter: ПКУ-9

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